Wellness in the World: Interview with Kim Waters-Rose

I had a wonderful time talking all things wellness in counseling with my friend and LPC colleague, Kim Waters-Rose. You can learn more about Kim below and watch our talk on Dr. Kelli’s Wellness Channel. Click the link to watch:


Kim’s Bio:

I am a 1996 Graduate of the Georgia School of Professional Psychology. Since January 2015, I have worked within a private practice in Cumming. As a Certified Professional Counselor Supervisor, I also supervise Associate Professional Counselors. My practice consists of an adult population dealing with depression, anxiety, stress, marital issues, substance abuse, and other common life stressors. I am also an EMDR therapist, certified by The EMDR Institute.

Since 2013, I have been an instructor at Argosy University. Teaching is truly a passion for me. My favorite classes to teach are Skills I, Wellness, Substance Abuse and Skills II.

For over 14 years, I was the Program Coordinator and Clinical Supervisor for New Hope Counseling and Renewal Wellness and Counseling. New Hope provides alcohol and drug outpatient treatment and domestic violence treatment to clients in Cumming and Gainesville. Renewal Wellness provided alternative therapies such as acupuncture, reflexology, massage, meditation along with individual, family and marital counseling. Previously I have worked as an intake counselor for a psychiatric facility, substance abuse counselor for community mental health, and as an Employee Assistance Program for a local hospital.

I have a daughter in college at Kennesaw State University who is working on her undergrad in psychology. She is also working toward becoming a certified trainer and nutrition specialist - proud Mama moment.

My husband and I enjoy chasing sunsets at most any beach, hiking, kayaking, and playing with our two dogs.


What attracted you to the counseling field?

After spending about 5 years working in a non-profit organization, traveling the State of Georgia, talking to people about health care and doing focus groups and town hall meetings, I realized that people just want to heard. People want someone to listen to their stories, validate or normalize their emotions and offer support. When the funding began to run out for the non-profit, I realized very quickly I could not return to corporate America.... so, I went back to school and completed my Masters in Psychology. As I sat in my first counseling theory class, I realized I was truly home for the first time in my life. That was almost 23 years ago and I have never looked back, nor felt like I have worked since....

What is one thing you’ve learned about counseling that no one ever told you?

I cannot say that no one told me, I just don't think I really got it..... just how important solid boundaries really are and that self-care must be practiced on a daily basis. My first experience with substance abuse was so incredibly challenging because my boundaries were not where they needed to be for this clientele. I thought being all person-centered with a bit of CBT would be a fit for everyone..... I was a bit off on that. After returning to therapy for a year and shoring up a few things, I went back to this population for the next 14 years and loved every moment of it.

It took me burning out a few times to REALLY get self-care. Sure, all therapists talk about it, but we don't all practice it as we should. Once I really put self-care into practice on a daily basis, I cannot imagine doing life any other way. Words of wisdom..... believe all of us when we tell you how important self-care really is!

What is your favorite part of your work?

Watching the light bulbs come on! When a client really gets their own dilemma and sees their way to their own solution, it is like "there it is!" This is why I do this! It is such a rewarding moment watching a client grow into who their soul strives for them to be.

What does "wellness" mean to you?

When I first heard the term "wellness" I thought medication, diet, exercise. As I have delved into my own wellness journey, wellness has come to mean a way of living. The wellness way of living is eating healthy foods (clean and green), keeping a work/life balance, practicing self care, exercising and/or spending time in Mother Nature, spending quiet time with me and with God, spending time with friends who nurture my soul and really listening to my body.

How can people find you?

· Website: kimwatersrose.com

· Social Media: Perspectives thru Counseling on Facebook

· Contact Info: 770-401-9589 cell, kounselorkim@gmail.com

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